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Birds on Phonecards


Telia - Public cards

30 units
Great Grey Owl Tawny Owl young White Storks Great Spotted Woodpecker
Mallard CranesPuffin
Mallard Great TitGreat Grey OwlBlack Guillemot
Crested Tit Pheasant Kingfisher

60 units
Waxwing 60.72 Hawk Owls Sparrowhawk
Gull Grey Heron Robin Great Tits

120 units
Loons Spotted Flycatcher Raven
Fieldfare White-tailed Sea-Eagle Common Tern young
Arctic Tern Duck Turnstone
Kingfisher Mute Swan / Greylag GooseRed-backed Shrike

Promotion cards
Waxwing Short-eared Owl
Kingfisher Gentoo PenguinTawny Owl Tawny Owl / Gentoo Penguin

Telecom Finland/Sonera
young Tengmalm's Owl

See also Jan-Erik Malmstigen's Telefonkort fåglar (in Swedish)

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Last updated 09/07/2000